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I use my psychic abilities , in conjunction with the beautiful imagery of the Tarot cards, to give you a reading that is both transforming and deeply informative. A tapestry of your life is woven with details about your relationships, career, family and friends, goals and ambitions, interesting events, and the cycles of life’s ups and downs.

Whether in person or by phone, as I lay out the cards, information comes to me in the form of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and pictures in my mind’s eye. I sense my clients energy and many of the situations in play around them.

With over 40 years of experience, I have hundreds of clients and have done thousands of psychic readings. Many people find their readings to have profound effects in their life. I greatly enjoy helping people with my unique art.

What’s Involved

My Readings

In a typical reading, I use the entire 78 card deck. I give my client details about their life and some up and coming events. You are welcome to ask questions and record the reading. We can talk about anything – people – situations- choices that need to be made- all things that pertain to your life. I can also specifically focus on a particular situation or issue.

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All Readings Are Done Over The Phone Or In-Person.


All Readings Are Completely Private And Confidential.


Cancellations Need To Be Made In A Timely Fashion.

I Offer

I offer readings by phone and in person at my southern Ohio location, near Athens. When I travel back to my roots, I have a Cleveland area location for in person readings. Generally, readings are done mornings and early afternoons, eastern time . Weekends and holidays are often available during those times as well. All readings are by appointment.

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Clients Review

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“Gina has been my friend and Tarot adviser since 1988. She has helped me understand and learn about myself, the dynamics in my relationships, and how I have the power to change the energy around me to create a more favorable future. She has a talent for turning a negative into a positive and inspiring others to embrace their solutions. I am blessed to have her in my life.”

Love you...From Alina
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Dear Gina,
“At the time of my most recent reading with you, I owned two houses and was trying to decide which one to keep and which one to sell. I had pretty much decided to sell my new house and move back to my old house. You told me that something about cherries would help me decide what to do. The flowers were from a tree outside in the front yard that I was unfamiliar with. ”

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“I do not know how long I've been using Gina's Tarot insights, but it has been a few years. Gina has helped me choose paths that I had before me with solid results. I consider myself intuitive, but by myself I cannot achieve the detail and level of perception that Gina does. With Gina's assistance, I can make solid decisions. I will tell you that I was not sold in the beginning and did not use her recommendations. ”

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“I've been using Gina's service for going on 5 years. I cannot begin to state the times that she has been able to help me make decisions through her readings. The accuracy has been unbelievable on what she sees regarding my personal and professional lives. Thanks Gina and you can count on me using your services into the future. You know me better than I know myself.”

Duane Augusta, KS
Grace Hawkins
Google Review
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Glad to see Gina's expanding presence on the internet. I have been using her services as Tarot reader for about 9 years now. Gina is the classic "wise woman", and her unique gift and skills give a great insight into one's unconscious and external circumstances, both seen and unseen. She is great at finding the right word or way of expressing something, and has a great sense of humor, too, I think!

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