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I use my psychic abilities , in conjunction with the beautiful imagery of the Tarot cards, to give you a reading that is both transforming and deeply informative.  A tapestry of your life is woven with details about your relationships, career, family and friends, goals and ambitions, interesting events, and the cycles of life’s ups and downs.

Whether in person or by phone, as I lay out the cards, information comes to me in the form of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and pictures in my mind’s eye.  I sense my clients energy and many of the situations in play around them.

With over 40 years of experience, I have hundreds of clients and have done thousands of psychic readings.  Many people find their readings to have profound effects in their life.  I greatly enjoy helping people with my unique art.

What’s Involved

My Readings

In a typical reading, I use the entire 78 card deck.  I give my client details about their life and some up and coming events.  You are welcome to ask questions and record the reading.  We can talk about anything – people – situations- choices that need made- all things that pertain to your life.  I can also specifically focus on a particular situation or issue.

I also do another type of reading that specifically looks at the seven major energy centers in the body – the Chakras.  I look at how the energy or “Chi” is moving – where it is in balance and how to keep it so, as well as,  problem areas and solutions.  I read into the past and the present and how they are likely to move into the future.

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All Readings Are Done Over The Phone Or In-Person.


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I offer in person or over the phone readings and prices are below. I have two locations, one near Athens, Ohio and one near Cleveland, Ohio. 

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/half hour

Phone Reading



In Person


/half hour

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