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Spirit Removal


An Earthbound Spirit is a deceased human being who, for whatever reason, didn’t go into the Divine Light when they died. They made a choice to not go into the light that appears for us all when we die. This light opening will eventually close up. If the person didn’t go into the light, their spirit is now earthbound. They no longer have their body. They are stuck in between the world of living human beings and the places we go after our death. Earthbound Spirits do not evolve or transform their consciousness from the basic human personality they had while in body. An Earthbound Spirit is what is commonly known as a ghost. The Earthbound Spirit gets its energy from the living. Even a “good ghost” can be an energy drain.

Negative Energy Removal

What Is Negative Energy?

Negative energy can be on a person, a place or an object. Sometimes this energy is placed on a person, place or object willfully by someone else (commonly called a curse). Sometimes strong negative energy in a concentrated area can cling to a person, place or object. An object used in a very negative way can hold that energy – be it anger, violence, sadness, etc. A place, dwelling or land, can take on negative energy from harboring concentrated negative actions and/or emotions over time. CONTACT ME FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY

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Ghost Photos

Earthbound Spirits can be anywhere. Some places have more activity than others. This picture was taken at a girl scout camping event. Some very intuitive moms have taken some very interesting photos. In the photo to the left you can see a girl to the left of the tree, and another in the woods to the right of the tree. In the right photo: The man has many sightings.