Paranormal Experiences

This picture was taken by Ashley’s mom. They both felt the presence of earthbound spirits in Ashley’s apartment. Ashley was particularly bothered. This photo shows the ghostly presence around her.  Quite a few earthbound spirits in this apartment, likely due to an open portal (an energetic opening in the spiritual fabric) in the back room.  I closed the portal, took negative energy off the apartment and created the light that gave the earthbound spirits the opportunity to cross over.  All ghosts gone.  Now this family can go on with their life without this tremendous interference.

“Gina, Ashley and I can not thank you enough. I spent the night at Ashley’s last night and it’s like being in a whole new place. We’re finally getting a good nights sleep. Ashley still feels residual energy, but for the first time since Ashley moved in, I could sleep and not have to open a window for air. Summer is much better too. She doesn’t wake up at night and she’s not scared to be in her room alone. I took a few pictures and they are all clear now. Again, thank you very much.”


“ Most of the things in our house have been in many houses before. We collect all sorts of things from all sorts of places. There is a little resale shop near our home. It has moved, changed owners, and I have kept “friendships” with the people that work there. I usually go to the shop once or twice a month. All of the items have different colored tickets, that is how you know how long it’s been there and then it determines what the percentage off will be (exp. 1 month 15%, 2 months 25%, so on). I stopped into the shop one day, even tho it had only been a week since I’d been there. Since I go often, I had a good idea of the items that had been there awhile.

There was a painted table, card table size, near the front of the store. It was unusual because it had a print of a flower arrangement on it. I figured it was from the 50’s, I liked the colors, but wasn’t sure I wanted it. After looking around, I went back to the table. I looked around the store some more, and went back a third time to the table. I figured it was a new arrival, but when I saw the tag, I knew it had been there 2-3 months, but I had never seen the table in the store. I saw it was marked down to $8 – so I thought I’d buy it, but even when I bought it, I wasn’t sure I’d keep it or give it to my daughter or a friend.

I took it to the counter, and I learned the table was also a fireplace screen. It had extra legs on the back to set it up in front of a fireplace. I thought that was interesting, and we have a fireplace, a gas stove is in it, but I thought it would be unusual. I put it in the back of the car.

When I got home, I decided I wasn’t sure if I wanted the table, if I wanted to bring it into the house. Now, if you know me, you would know that this is highly unusual. My “treasures”, my “finds” usually have a place the moment I buy them. I bring them home, wash them up and they join the happy mixture in our home. The table stayed in the car for 2 weeks.

My BFF ( best female friend) asked me what was up with that, because she knows me. So I took it out of the car, and put it on our patio in the backyard, leaning up against a chair. My neighbor thought it was “cool”, my daughter liked it and my husband wanted to know why I wasn’t taking this table in the house. There was just this feeling every time I looked at it. I pretty much had made up my mind to give the table away, when for some reason, I brought it into the house and put it in front of the fireplace. I couldn’t decide what was off with it. It was the soft old yellow I like, the flower arrangement was pleasing, so why did it just not set right with me?

A couple of days passed. I had some friends over for lunch, for one of my girlfriend’s BD. They all commented on the fireplace screen, they actually thought I had leaned a large painting there. I told them it was a table – screen, but that I was pretty sure I was going to get rid of it and give it to my daughter or another friend. That night I had a horrific nightmare. I dreamed I was being strangled, held up against the wall by a large, middle age male who was very angry. I kept trying to scream for my Mom & Dad, who have both passed away years ago. While all this was going on in my dream, I could hear my voice telling me over all this screaming & anger, Judy – it’s not real, it’s a ghost – Judy – it’s a ghost. I woke up terrified with my cat right up by my face, like he was trying to touch my mouth, which he never does. I believe I was screaming. I was terrified, but I passed out and when I woke later, my cat was laying right up next to me, as close as can be, even tho it was a summer night. The nightmare unsettled me, and I was edgy the following day. That night I kept waking up with a start, at least 4 or 5 times, with such a jolt that I was sitting straight up in bed. I knew now something was not right.

The following day, I was out all morning & didn’t get home till about 3:30. I never ate breakfast or lunch, and my husband was out of town so I decided to make an early dinner. I cooked it up, sat down in the living room, put a movie in and ate my dinner. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon. Our house is very old. Our living room & dining room are separated by an arched ceiling- so it is really like 1 long, big room. There are no doors between them. I was sitting on the couch, my back to the dining room, when the dining room lights came on, full blast. The light reflected in the glass objects on the fireplace mantel. I literally jumped in my seat, turned around and saw the dining room chandelier turned all the way up. The switch is a dimmer that has to be pushed in and turned to how bright you want the lights. I jumped up off the couch, stood up and said out loud, “Oh no you don’t. I have been through this before and I can not have a ghost in my house again. I can not live like this again. You will have to leave”.

I could not understand how, when we have the seeds over all the doors, the ghost got in. I got the phone, called my husband and told him what was going on. I knew I had to call Gina. I also knew I was not staying by myself in our house overnight alone. While on the phone with my husband, I went to where I keep important business cards. I have had Gina’s card for at least 20 years. Her card is always in the same place with my other cards. It was gone. I really started getting upset then. My husband said to get some things together for the night, call my BFF, and he would find Gina’s # on line. I got my stuff together, fed and watered the cats, told them I was sorry to leave them, and by the time I was ready, he called back with Gina’s #. I called her, left I’m sure, a rambling message about what was going on. How could this be because the seeds are in place. I know I’m not going crazy, etc. and I left the house and went to my BFF’s.

When I was at her house, my husband & Gina had been e-mailing back and forth and Gina confirmed there was a male presence in the house, and she believed he had come in on an object. I went to sleep at a friend’s knowing I wasn’t crazy & knowing I would talk to Gina the next day. The next morning, true to her word, Gina called and we talked about what happened. She asked if I had brought any new furniture in the house. That damn table! I told her about it, how I kept not wanting it yet still bringing it in. How all this started after I had said out loud to my friends that I wasn’t going to keep the table. Everything made sense. Gina kept seeing a mirror or a silver circle on the man’s face – the flower arrangement printed on the table was in a large, round silver container.

Gina told me to take the table out of the house, put a letter on it telling the ghost to go to the funeral home at the end of the street, there would be a white light there, that he would not be judged, we are all welcomed when we cross over. We also put a dish of sea salt on it, tarped it over and left it outside in the backyard.

When my husband came home and we had taken care of the table, Gina said we needed to smudge every inch of the house. I always have smudge at home, once you go through a haunting, you always keep sea salt, smudge & extra seeds at home. My husband and I started in the basement with the smudge. I never realized before that, that I always keep a white light around myself & my family – it’s always in the back of my mind, this white light circling us. We carried the smudge around and I told whoever was listening that they couldn’t stay, that this was our home, my family has been through much heartache and through it all, we have tried to keep a happy, safe home, where peace and love and friends and all are welcomed, and that we want the same things for our family that the ghost probably had wanted for his, that no matter who he was or what he did, someone was waiting for him on the other side. We all have people that loved us, and he would be surprised to see who was waiting for him. He should go to the light. We are meant to cross over. We smudged the house top to bottom, then took the still burning smudge & put it on a plate under the table that was now under a tarp w/the sea salt & note.

Gina called us that evening and said that she was not picking up any negative energy, that our house felt calm & peaceful. She was pretty well convinced that the table was possibly a portal and it would need to be purified, unless we didn’t want it here, and we wanted to take it to the curb. Believe me, we wanted to take it to the curb, burn it, stomp on it! But, that wouldn’t take care of the bigger problem, closing the portal and helping the ghost to the light. Gina said she would be in town in a couple weeks and could we wait? She assured us that if ANY activity resumed, if anything scared me, she would rearrange her plans to help us. How can you say no to doing the right thing. The table is outside waiting for Gina.”

       As Judy stated, when we talked and I realized the table was the source of the paranormal disturbance, she then realized the “circle” I had seen was part of the painting on the table.  At that point, I not only knew the table had a ghost attached to it, but that there was likely an open portal on the table as well.  I told her to put it outside and what else she could do to clear her house and deal with the table until I got there.

When I got to Judy’s house, she was her usual happy self and her home felt good to me.  I went outside to deal with the haunted table.  As I approached the covered table, I could feel the strange energy around it.  I uncovered it and looked around for a place to make the white light.  I found my spot and began to make the light.  I then said, “if anyone wants to go into the light –  here’s your chance”.  A young man with short hair, looked like he was in his 20’s/early 30’s, came up to the light.  I got the sense he had been into drugs- a “tweeker”, a “meth head”.  He said his name is Jim.  He asked me if he could bring someone else into the light.  I said”yes”.  He grabbed a young gal- late teens/early 20’s.  She had a “goth” look to her- pale skin, dark makeup.  Jim grabbed her hand and they went into the light together.  No one else came to the light so I closed the portal and took negative energy off the table.

The ghost that had scared Judy, the one she had the nightmare about, wasn’t there when I made the light.  He either stayed in the other realm when I closed the portal, or he took Judy’s advice and sought out the light, associated with the deceased at the funeral home down the street or he could have decided just to move on down the road.

Even though the table was cleared and it was restored to being just an interesting kind of thing, Judy absolutely didn’t want it. In addition to gifting me the table/fireplace screen , Judy took the time to write down her experience. Her story continues below.

“I have seen shadows, heard footsteps, seen people & pets out of the corner of my eye since I was a kid. I spent my childhood huddled under the covers, hearing so many noises and seeing shadows, I thought I was not normal. I found out later, or figured out later that the women in our family tend to have this. There is nothing you could show me, or tell me, to change my mind that we do go on after this life, that we can communicate, get many signs from our loved ones, that love doesn’t die, that spirits can follow us home and if they were not pleasant people in life, they are not after death.

On the day day I bought the table, one of the ladies who works there said to me at the counter – “you are one of our “old-timers” – like I said I’ve been going to the store through all its changes – “Do you remember hearing us talk about the ghost of the young girl? She is still here and a few of the new employees don’t want to go in the back because they can feel her, and she’s been very busy lately, I get scared sometimes but I feel sorry for her.” I told her I did remember hearing about her, and I understood how she feels, but that they should really get a hold of someone to help her into the light. I’m not sure what they thought of that statement- Sometimes even tho people feel ghosts, they don’t want to act upon it. ”

The Pretend Woman

MF’s home had a lot of activity.  When I arrived, I was greeted by MF’s quite spiritually aware, young daughter.  She promptly informed me that the house had a ghost problem!  She repeatedly talked about a “Pretend Woman”.  The young gal said that she talked to this woman often.

The “Pretend Woman” was one of three earthbound spirits in their home.  The first earthbound I encountered was a young man.  I asked him his name and he said Gerald M*****.  He had lived a few doors down from MF’s home.  I next encountered a little boy.  He looked Amish to me- dressed in clothes of blue cloth and an Amish-styled hat on his head. He had an “R” name that I didn’t understand.  I made the light for these earthbound spirits.  The young man and the little boy went into the light.  No sign of the “Pretend Woman”.  MF’s young daughter came up to me and told me the “Pretend Woman”  didn’t want to go with me!  She went shopping instead.  I decided to go outside and look around.  I saw an older woman standing by a large tree in the backyard.  She had on a long skirt with a brightly colored belt. This ghostly woman told me her name was “Betty”.  She told me she didn’t want to go into the light. She announced that she was going to the hardware store instead! And with that being said,  she was gone.

I got the feeling that Betty was from a prominent area family and that she kept up on what was going on around town. A true “busy-body”.  MF said that there was a hardware store in town owned by a family that had settled the area a long time ago.  MF thought the grandmother’s name was “Betty”.

Here is a letter I received a couple months later.

It has been a couple of months now and everyone has really noticed the change in our home. The kids say they miss Jerry but know that he needed to cross over. The little one no longer has her “Pretend Woman” anymore either. She claims to miss her but sleeps better and is much more relaxed now. The plumbing and electrical issues have gone away as well.

I would like to share some information that we have discovered.

There was actually a Gerald “Jerry” M** (name omitted to protect family that still lives on property) that lived about 3/4 a mile north of here and in the early 70’s, when he was in his 20’s, he was killed in a car accident not far from here.

Also of 3 prominent hardware store owning families in this part of the county, 2 of them had women named Betty during the mid 1800’s. I think one of them was the “Pretend Woman”.

In the late 1700’s or early 1800’s (the records are vague on the dates) there was a band of Gypsy immigrants who came through the area and camped somewhere around here a short while before traveling on. This could be the foreign speaking little “Blue” boy.

Again, thank you for your help.

MF – Ohio”

Pets Affected By Earthbound Spirits

Pets can be affected by Earthbound Spirits and negative energy.  Sometimes our pet’s odd or uncharacteristic behavior can indicate a paranormal problem.  This was the case with V.D. in the testimonial below.  Once the ghosts were cleared and the negative energy on the house was removed, V.D. and her 4 legged friends once again had a peaceful, happy home.

“Hi, Gina. Just wanted to thank you again for helping my spirits go into the light. I feel different but I really am seeing a difference with my pets. They are much more relaxed. I had a friend’s dog here last night & I could tell she was behaving differently! You said the older man seemed confused. I believe that was the previous owner of my smaller dog B— a white pom mix. He was mentally challenged & died 2 yrs ago (I’ve had B— 2 1/2 yrs). I was told he was very attached to B— even tho he didn’t take good care of her. I can’t figure out a connection with the other guy…unless he just came home with me at some point.

I’m finding out that I know a lot of people who believe they have ghosts, but are not ready to have them gone. I’ve told them to just let me know & I’ll give them your information!

Thanks again. It was a pleasure meeting you & your son.


Hi, Gina. After I wrote the first email, I noticed my cat…she is “out” all the time now & even more demanding of attention! While ghosts were here, she was in the closet most of the time. I thought she was just sleeping more because of her age…I was wrong!

Like I said before, I notice the most difference with my 4 legged friends.

Thanks again! ”

Teenager Earthbound Spirits

One of the earthbound spirits in the home of D&G helped me realize truly what a powerful beacon the white light is.  I made the light and the first earthbound spirit went in. The other earthbound, a teenager, came over from the neighbor’s place.  He was often at D&G’s , mostly hanging out in their son’s room, but on occasion, visited other homes in the neighborhood.  The brilliant light was “seen” by the earthbound spirit next door. I made the light again, just for him, and he went in.  I have had quite a few earthbound spirits come from other places when I make the light. Often they are eager to cross over.

Thank you so much for the work you did for our family. It has been 5 months since you cleared the 2 earthbound spirits you found in our home. It has been the best 5 months we’ve had since the purchase of this house. We are finally living stress free and calm for the fact that no more spirits will enter with the protection you have given us.

You’re a life saver!

God bless you and thank you.

D&G —Ohio”

Female Ghost

The female ghost in this house was real crazy looking. Dark, wild, unkempt hair and a wild-eyed look, dressed in a brown moo moo, she was dark and scary.  This intimidating, ghostly gal primarily hung out in the couple’s bedroom.  At some point, she was this home’s owner.  As a result of her earthbound presence, the house had negative energy on it. To top things off, in the garage, was a mirror with an open portal on it.

I closed the portal on the mirror, took the negative energy off the house, and made the light for the woman to cross over.  She did go into the light.  The house began to feel lighter.  The intense, anxious energy previously present gave way to a calm and settled feeling. This positive feeling will likely get stronger over the next few weeks.


I just wanted to email to let you know that Cindy and I both really appreciate you coming out to our house a couple weeks ago. We’re both feeling much better, our son is sleeping through the night and when he’s fussy it’s only for a short time. Most importantly, we’re beginning to enjoy him more, as if before there was something that was keeping us from the joy of having a baby. I’ve had these types of experiences my whole life, and often, people just don’t believe it until I prove it to them. I haven’t had a chance to speak with the neighbors about the woman you helped transition, but you described her as I saw her in my mind and in my dreams. Plus, a lot of things that happened here in the house up until your visit make a lot of sense now. Everything just felt blocked and sickly. Now things are feeling hopeful and strong.

I feel like we picked this house, in a way, so that it could be healed if that sounds right. I feel that way about a lot of the things that happen to me and the people I meet. Now that this house has healed, it will be nice to us. We plan on moving to a bigger house, probably in the woods someday. There are a lot of things in the woods, so perhaps you’ll still be doing what you’re doing now and we’ll call you!

Thanks and perhaps Cindy and I will run into you sometime down the road.