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Paranormal Experiences

This picture was taken by Ashley’s mom. They both felt the presence of earthbound spirits in Ashley’s apartment. Ashley was particularly bothered. This photo shows the ghostly presence around her. Quite a few earthbound spirits in this apartment, likely due to an open portal (an energetic opening in the spiritual fabric) in the back room. I closed the portal, took negative energy off the apartment and created the light that gave the earthbound spirits the opportunity to cross over. All ghosts gone. Now this family can go on with their life without this tremendous interference.

“Gina, Ashley and I can not thank you enough. I spent the night at Ashley’s last night and it’s like being in a whole new place. We’re finally getting a good nights sleep. Ashley still feels residual energy, but for the first time since Ashley moved in, I could sleep and not have to open a window for air. Summer is much better too. She doesn’t wake up at night and she’s not scared to be in her room alone. I took a few pictures and they are all clear now. Again, thank you very much.”

This Vintage Table Was A Very Haunted Object. It Had An Open Portal On It. This Portal Allowed Spirits Access To Our Realm. A Calm And Previously Protected Home Was Quite Disrupted By Its Presence.

“ Most of the things in our house have been in many houses before. We collect all sorts of things from all sorts of places. There is a little resale shop near our home. It has moved, changed owners, and I have kept “friendships” with the people that work there. I usually go to the shop once or twice a month. All of the items have different colored tickets, that is how you know how long it’s been there and then it determines what the percentage off will be (exp. 1 month 15%, 2 months 25%, so on). I stopped into the shop one day, even tho it had only been a week since I’d been there. Since I go often, I had a good idea of the items that had been there awhile.

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