Gina Kruzel Paranormal Maven

Over 35 Years Of Experience With The Metaphysical World

My name is Gina Kruzel.  I’ve been actively involved in the metaphysical field for over 35 years.  My passion for what lies beyond our physical world started as a child…

I grew up in the Cleveland Ohio area.  My youth was spent living on a quiet, wooded street in the suburbs.  During the time I lived in the northern part of Ohio, I enjoyed exploring the forests of the lush river valley that accompanies the Cuyahoga River as it winds its way north to the Great Lake Erie.  I was fortunate to have a loving, supportive family.  There were many good times!

From a young child, I was encouraged to be myself and to believe in myself.  I was taught to keep an open mind and that all kinds of people make up the world.  Although raised in a Christian faith, I was also told that there were many views on religion and spirituality.  My mother read to my sister and I all the time.  We were exposed to a lot of different cultures and philosophies.  We traveled the world and the universe through the written word.  What I remember most were the Greek and Roman Mythologies.  The tales of the Gods and Goddesses were fascinating!  Their descriptive adventures! The trials and tribulations of the Gods and the mortal world.