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Gina Kruzel Paranormal Maven

Over 40 Years Of Experience With The Metaphysical World.

My name is Gina Kruzel.  I’ve been actively involved in the metaphysical field for over 40 years.  My passion for what lies beyond our physical world started as a child…

I grew up in the Cleveland Ohio area.  My youth was spent living on a quiet, wooded street in the suburbs.  During the time I lived in the northern part of Ohio, I enjoyed exploring the forests of the lush river valley that accompanies the Cuyahoga River as it winds its way north to the Great Lake Erie.  I was fortunate to have a loving, supportive family.  There were many good times!

From a young child, I was encouraged to be myself and to believe in myself.  I was taught to keep an open mind and that all kinds of people make up the world.  Although raised in a Christian faith, I was also told that there were many views on religion and spirituality.  My mother read to my sister and I all the time.  We were exposed to a lot of different cultures and philosophies.  We traveled the world and the universe through the written word.  What I remember most were the Greek and Roman Mythologies.  The tales of the Gods and Goddesses were fascinating!  Their descriptive adventures! The trials and tribulations of the Gods and the mortal world.

I was an avid reader from a young age.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I was particularly fascinated with books that talked about other spiritual paths and the cultural revolution going on in the 1960’s.  In grade school, I wore a ring with an ankh on it. An Egyptian symbol of life and union. As I read about the Egyptian culture, I was intrigued by their heritage and history – it was so different .  Their deities seemed so powerful.  I went on to explore aspects of Tibetan mysticism and the Hindu faith.  Like the Egyptians, their ancient traditions fascinated me.  Their rituals and the sacred “tools” they used in the expression of their faith were both beautifully different from what I knew – and oddly similar.  The incense, the prayer beads, the quiet, powerful places for contemplation and meditation, the symbols that expressed Divinity, etc.  I also really connected with many of the Native American traditions.  The way that so many of these indigenous people saw “The Great Spirit”. The people had a deep reverence for the Earth.  The earth was a living sacred being.  Wow, my young mind was really blown. I began to see religion and spirituality in a different way.  I began to see the similarities throughout the different spiritual paths.  So many of the ritual expressions were very similar to each other.  The “tools” that are used to facilitate this expression were also similar to each other. Take incense for example, different regions yielded different types of incense materials but incense was used to purify a space or person none the less.

All this exploration , all these books and discussions, led me to truly believe that there was a lot more to life, death and spirituality than what I imagined.  That, perhaps, many paths lead to God and the “right” religious/spiritual path is one that gives us the ability to have faith, that brings us joy and a purpose in being, that gives us a way to honor and thank something great and beyond ourselves and that gives us a way to connect with the Divine, even with our earthly limitations.

In addition to my many thoughts and discoveries about spirituality growing up, I also realized, as did some family members, that I had a heightened degree of sensitivity.  Somehow I just had a “feeling” about a person or situation – a sense of things going on around them besides what they said or what some of their actions dictated.  My mind was often filled with odd pictures and strange details.  Sometimes I felt like I was different from other people and sometimes I figured everyone was like me.

One of the things I had a knack for was card games.  Its interesting sometimes , how your hobbies and interests as a kid can unknowingly influence a future professional endeavor.  My love of playing cards set the stage for my interest in the Tarot.  My father often played a variety of card games with my sister and I.  I remember sitting at the dining room table and shuffling and shuffling until I’d get the cards to bend and make those “nice little bridges”.

When I was 12 years old. I found an old deck of Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards a midst my mother’s packed away things.  Although not a typical playing card deck, these cards were of great interest to me.  I studied the deck for awhile and soon gave my first reading.  While the information given was accurate, the reading was disturbing and intense for me – particularly due to the nature of the information and the fact that it manifested within 2 weeks.

The cards surfaced again in my life, in my late teens.  This time it was Tarot Cards.  A good friend introduced them to me.  I was incredibly fascinated and soon acquired my own deck.  I proceeded to study and learn everything I could about Tarot.  I read myself, my friends and some family members.  People greatly encouraged me to do readings.  They were often amazed at the insight and information I could give them.

My interest in metaphysics was accelerating.  My mom and I had the opportunity to go to a well-known local reader for a session.  One of the things she said really stood out – that mom and I would have a successful business together.  At that time, we were not in business together, but thought how great that would be.  Shortly after this reading, I had heard a radio broadcast on a local rock station, and I was once again inspired.  There was talk of Ancient Religions, of Druids and Mystics, of Shamans and Wiccans.  Ancient traditions steeped in magick and frosted with folklore.  The next day, I set off to find out more.  I started off at a local bookstore that had a highlight on Astrology. They understood my quest but didn’t have the information I sought.  I was referred to a little shop on Cleveland’s lower west side.  Needless to say, among the antiques and odd collectibles and trinkets, was a wealth of mystical literature.  I bought books, asked questions and eventually met a whole new community of people.  I met those Druids, Mystics and Shamans and Wiccans.  Another bunch of life changing experiences here.  Another door opened for me spiritually.  I found a lot of peace and balance through some of these ancient traditions and practices.

It was during this time that mom and I went into business together.  Over dinner one night, we were talking about what type of business we may want to get into.  With my spiritual enthusiasm running high, I suggested a shop that was metaphysical in nature – that gave people access to information and products that expanded the mind and catered to many positive spiritual paths.  Mom loved the idea and Dad was all for it if Mom and I wanted to make this happen.  Now the shop needed a name.  Mom loved the gemstone, Amber ( its spiritual properties include healing and longevity) and we used the first letter of our family member’s names.  Ambergram – it just felt right.  Ambergram Metaphysical Boutique was born.  My mom and I created a unique shop on Cleveland’s west side. A business that we came to love incredibly, as it touched the lives of so many beautiful people, for over 30 years. Ambergram attracted many open minded, spiritually aware, people from all walks of life and many spiritual paths.

Early on in the Ambergram era, I met one of my life’s most influential people – Mary Ann Winkowski.  Mary Ann is THE Ghost Whisperer – the woman whose life the t.v. series “The Ghost Whisperer” is based on.  She drove by the shop on her way to the airport. Our name attracted her attention and she was curious about what kind of a place it was.  On her way back, she stopped in.  Mom and I met an amazing woman that day. A true “ghostbuster”.  Mary Ann’s abilities were incredible.  We were captivated as she told us some of her experiences.  She was really happy to find our unusual shop that day, as well.  We formed a friendship over the years.  A friendship, I’m happy to say, continues to this day.

Mary Ann recognized some of my abilities and encouraged me to develop and use them even more.  She mentored me with her encouragement and let me tag along on some “ghostbusting “ventures when she could.  She helped me realize that many of the pictures and details that I see in my mind’s eye , were in fact real.  Well – truly a new day dawned – when I realized that I “saw” energy and that I “saw” the earthbound spirits.  That my “sight”, more often than not, accurately portrayed what was going on around myself and other people.  I “saw” so many things!

Over the years, I have developed my metaphysical skills through the interesting and unusual people I have met, through the literature , workshops and seminars I have attended and through my intuition and experiences.

A few years before Ambergram closed its doors and my folks retired, I moved to southern Ohio.  Since my youth, I’ve had a dream of living in a cabin in the forest, and I thought maybe some mountains would also be nice. This dream manifested for me. I live in a cabin in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, built by my father, my son, some friends and a tall Viking.  This cabin is exclusively powered by the sun.  Utilizing solar energy had also been a long time dream of mine.   My cabin sits within, Wisteria, a 620 acre nature preserve and special event site.

I share my life with a truly awesome man that understands me, a talented and creative son and quite a few four legged friends.  A few years ago, I learned to ride a motorcycle.  Another way I enjoy and appreciate the magnificence of nature.

I enjoy helping people through my unique arts.  I am available for Tarot readings, both over the phone and in person.  I have a location in the Cleveland Ohio area and a location near Athens Ohio.   I am available to clear paranormal disturbances and negative energy and to protect you from future unwanted occurrences.  If you have a paranormal disturbance, and you need my help, I travel to locations all around Ohio.  Occasionally, I travel to other states.

Finally, I am happy to say, I have begun one of my books.  This book will be filled with paranormal stories and experiences of many kinds.  The testimonials and stories on my website, contain some excerpts from this book.  Very exciting to be embarking on this project.

I feel myself to be a very unique and interesting person – blessed with the energy and insight to encourage positive growth and change in the world around me, myself and in others.

-Gina Kruzel

Gina Kruzel stands outside her southern Ohio location. She hosts many of her clients here for readings and guidance.

Paranormal Investigator Rids Clients Of Ghosts, Curses

Gina Kruzel is a fighter, a “hippie biker chick” with tattoos up her arms. The paranormal investigator has been serving Ohio and the surrounding area for over 40 years, driving away negative spirits.
Originally from Cleveland, Gina got her start reading cards in the metaphysical shop she shared with her mother, Ambergram Metaphysical Boutique. Gina then met the famous Ghost Whisperer, Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann became a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration…recognizing and encouraging Gina’s abilities.

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